The Center, Hong-Kong: Cladded in Steel

Whenever one sees “The Centre” it seems like a structure cladded in the blanket of steel. The outer scenario is aptly described the real story. Created with whole and whole structural steel, not even the usage of reinforced concrete core, The Centre is situated in Queen’s Road Central in the Central and Western District in Hong-Kong. Holding the fifth position of tallest skyscraper in Hong-Kong, The Centre was designed by Dennis Lau & Ng Chun Man Architects & Engineers (HK) Ltd. It was the part of Land Development Corporation project which involves the demolition of old buildings. The construction has started in 1995 and completed in 1998. The translation of its Chinese name is also the central centre which quite ironic it is located at the boundary of Central and Sheung Wan (Wing Kut Street.

The Centre is an office sky scraper possess the height of 346 m. From top to bottom it is made of structural steel. It is a 73 storey building with floor area of 130,032 m2. The height of roof and top floor is 292 m and 275 m respectively. The centre contains the 41 elevators created by Otis Elevator Company. While the building has made from structural steel, the podium and basement is made from reinforced concrete and composite columns. One of the eye-catching features of the Centre is the arrangement of neon lights in bars which gradually increases from bottom to top. This neon light arrangement roll moves in colorful spectrum at night. One mustn’t ever miss the chance of seeing it at the Christmas times when whole building represents the Christmas tree through colorful neon lights. It has appeared in many high profile occasions including its iconic lobby which featured super hit Hollywood movie Dark Knights. The Centre has created an iconic status in the history of Hong-Kong for being the building made from only steel.

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