Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney, Australia: A Spectacular Archway

Classic and prototypical Sydney Harbor Bridge is an iconic bridge of Sydney which serving the city from previous century. It is known for its perfect crafted arched shape that dazzles beautifully at night time. Due to the arched shape it is also known "The Coathanger" however; the local folks addressed it as “the bridge”. Designed by British firm Dorman Long and Co Ltd of Middlesbrough , the construction of Sydney Harbor Bridge started in 28 July 1923 and completed in 19 January 1932. The bridge was inaugurated in 19 March 1932. There are many International records dedicated in the name of Sydney Harbor bridge-few of them are that it is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world and also has the world’s widest long span. At national level, it is the sixth longest spanning arch bridge. The panorama of the bridge is awestruck and fascinating with the nearby iconic Sydney Opera House which amalgamates with the dramatic view of Sydney Harbor Bridge in very smooth manner.

Sydney Harbor Bridge is a steel arch bridge measures 134 m high, joining Millers Point in The Rocks area from Southern end and Milsons Point in the lower North Shore area from Northern end. It crosses the Port Jackson popularly known as Sydney Harbor. The total physical characteristics include length, width and height as 1,149 m, 49 m and 134 m respectively with span of 503 m. The clearance below of bridge measures about 49 m. It contains the six lanes for road traffic with two lanes of road traffic from eastern side. Along with the roadway, there is a path for pedestrian from eastern side and path for bicycle from western side. Two lanes for railway tracks are placed between roadway and bicycle lanes. The steel arch of the bridge is 18 m high from the centre while 57 m high from the pylon situated next to arches. It expands as 504 m wide with the summit of 134 m above the sea level. Each end of arch contains the pair of pylon made of concrete with face of granite. They are 89 m high. There is no wonder that such strongly constructed bridge is standing held high from so long time.

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