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Shanghai World Financial Center is a high-rise building designed on ne0 futurism architectural style is situated in Pudong, China; construction began in 1997 which was accomplished in 2008 at an estimated building cost of USD$ 1.20 billion. Architectural crowning height for the structure is 492 meters which is 494.3 meters to the tip whilst the height to its roof and top floor is 487.4 and 474 meters respectively, it also includes a viewing platform at height of 474 meters. Excluding 3 basement floors it consists of 101 floors and 91 lifts/elevators, the inclusive construction floor area for the skyscraper is 381,600 square meters.

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The structure appears similar to a bottle opener and its minimalism form with the exaggerate size made it an original structural design which was valued extensively. The structure is safeguarded with steel cords to withstand extreme forces of wind and seismic activity additionally it reduced the usage of steel for construction which made it lighter and backed to conserve environment. It crowns a trapezoidal shack at the top; the multistory building is mixed use construction occupied by conference room, hotel, merchandising, offices and exhibition hall. Construction materials used included glass, steel and reinforced concrete. 

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