Exemplar Of Innovative Steel Bridge Construction

Twin Sails Bridge Is a movable bridge; such bridges are commonly referred as Bascule Bridge. The bridge constructed in the year 2012 is located in Poole, England.The bridge, constructed in 5 spans has overall length of 138 meres and the distance across is 10.8 meters wide. The 5 span constructions comprises of 2 vehicular lanes and 2 separate cycle paths, in addition 2 cantilever walkways of 2.5 meters width are built. The dual mobile center section of the structure bears a resemblance to leaf, the lifting bridge extents to 23.4 meters which are planned to hinge to 88 degrees in approx. duration of 2 minutes. The construction cost for the world’s first triangular-leaf lifting bridge is £21,600,000.


The structure is grounded on green factors;ecological assessment was undertaken all throughthe development together with managing the surplus resources and reprocessing tactic. Also thecenter lifting sections of the bridge was per-fabricated and conveyed to the location;each steel constructed lifting section weighs 65 tons. The bridge was anticipated to open about 15 times a day, so considering the heftiness and steadfastness was vital for the project. The lifting span comprises weathering steel eradicating the requirement of interior painting repairs, the cantilevered walkways of the bridge are relaxing on 41 steel segments which are erosion resilient whereas the main span is built of steel and concrete compound.

Twin Sails Bridge is an archetype of modernization for the steel structural design. Architectural detailing and steel detailing endeavor to the arty construction. Steel structures entails to precise observant, with advanced technology walk around of the structure has come to ease.
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