Kew House, Greater London, UK: A Peaceful Home

Neat, simple, traditional and homely- that’s the words which define Kew House situated in Richmond, South-West London, UK. Designed by Piercy & Company it proved to be the best combination of steel and wood. The construction was completed in 2014. It has also listed as one of the best new buildings of 2015 by RIBA awards. The construction itself was difficult and commendable at the same time. Whole house is made of two pre-fabricated steel volumes which were placed behind the preserved nineteenth century stable wall. This leads to a structure of a rustic ceiling floor and enameled staircases in between.

Kew House is located in the conservation zone of south west London. It’s a family house of 2 storey and four bedrooms. The two storey wing was constructed behind the stable wall. The biggest challenge in the construction was the limitedness of site which was hindrance in the making of a spacious house. This is why it is constructed behind the stable which allows the house to extend and become a place with a homely aroma. The area around the house is very compact but the room inside are big. Both the two wings have living rooms in ground floor and bedrooms above. Those wings are joined through a glass circulation link which is covered by a case. Each wing has the color of deep orange contains weathering steel with perforated pattern which helps sunlight and air to pass through the house. Kew House is a perfect example of modern house in traditional setting which is a rare combination that’s why it was an experimental build for both clients and architects. 

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