Inland Steel Building, Chicago, USA: Holding the spot of a trend setter

Something which marks the new era will always be considered as great in historical pages. Same is the case of America where Inland Steel Building has marked the beginning of modern commercial tall building in Chicago. It was first building which has made post World War -ɪɪ and Great Depression of 1930 in Chicago Loop. Situated in 30 W. Monroe Street, It has designed by Bruce Graham and Walter Netscape of Skid more, Owings & Merrill. Inland Steel Building is head quarter of Inland Steel Company which was established in 1930’s and at the 8th rank of steel company in 1950’s. They wanted to mark their success by making an innovative and modern building and this is how Inland Steel Building has established.

Inland Steel is a 101.30 m high building with 25 story. The building is designed as square steel grids fitted on green glass. Like every building Inland Steel has got an impressive facade. The facade is gray and made of steel. It contains windows of glazed green and stainless steel with a vertical accentuation. There are total of seven elevators. The lobby consist of wire sculpture named "Radiant I" designed by Richard Lippold. It is spanned up to the shallow reflecting pool. One of the exceptional features is that Inland steel got a pile foundation made of concrete caissons. It has been more than 50 years still Inland Steel Building is firmly standing and reminding its legendary presence on Chicago Loop. 

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