Twilight Epiphany, Houston, USA: Aesthetically Vibrant

A place of learning and knowledge has always holds a special attention as this is where any disciple inspires and grasps the following enlightenment as given by a teacher. Some where the impression of the place has biggest impact on the learner. Design with this particular goal, James Turrell conceived the Twilight Epiphany which is situated besides the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University campus in Houston, Texas. The developmental contract has given to Linbeck. This pyramidal sky space has opened in 2012 with an introductory sunset light show.

Twilight Epiphany is an open pyramidal sky space which is consist of 72 –by-72 square outdoor rooftop opened from centre with measuring of 14 –by- 14. Under the roof there is a boundary like two level galleries which seems located in below the ground. The main material used for Twilight Epiphany is Concrete, Stone, Glass and Composite Steel. The roof is constitution of several distinctively engineered materials with carbon steel knife edge. The lower seating level is consists of pink and gray Texas granite while upper level is concrete sitting. There is an LED changing light system has installed in the upper level which used to project light shows in which light changes in synchronization with sunrise and sunset. Due to the LED light show, whole campus is lit up with brightness. This vibrancy helps to connect the student with nature. 

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