Advancement in Information technology necessitates integrating the one with construction technique

Digital Beijing Building is a complex to be found in Beijing, China, construction for the one was commenced in the year 2005 and was completed in November 2007. The structure has peak height of 57 meters and resides 11 floors in total, the structure acquires overall floor area of 98,000 square meters. The construction is a block designed structure established to function as telecommunications and storage systems center during 2008 Summer Olympics, which here and now is operated as an arts center dedicated for computing usage in Olympics and presentation area for certain digital technologies establishment.

The structure is an ecological structure which takes after printed circuit panel from one or the other side whilst similar to a barcode from any end. The building comprises of 4 huge thin blocks with different measurement and gaps amid them; the easternmost is the densest of all. Facilities like REVIT structural drafting services helps to design and shape structure appropriately providing feasible possibilities with the solid computer aided structural design. These blocks are linked with walkway bridges at several heights, those at closer expanse have bigger bridges and the 2 on the west zone consists of 2 floor glass hyphen architectural style structure. These arrangements are made with shady stone and additions of aluminum which is shaped to appear like a stone.

A curtain wall was built with sustainable design to conduct heat which helps to save power. The east elevation is made of windows and inner fasciae viewing the holes whilst the west is wreathed with asymmetrical spread out upright channels of varied thickness taking slanting turns at various points sideways to their origin and later lays right, to design such structures handily computer aided facilities like stair handrail design services can be performed. The structure has regular flat rooftop which is organized as rainfall water collector scheme. At night the structure is illuminated with lighting on east fascia, for the said purpose an LED scheme is used which consumes 60% less energy.

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